The landscape of British Basketball is one that can only be described as a niche community of Basketball Lovers, with that being a blend of pro players, influential voices, creators and trail blazers of the past. 

For a while now, this community have seen the sport they've grown up with, struggle with growth in this country in many areas. Lack of professionalism at the top levels as well as a host of other problems that have prevented this sport from reaching its potential in the UK. However, it wasn't always like this and with so much to showcase and offer, it's about time a platform was created to push the culture of British Basketball forward and help it blossom, by showcasing the talented players and teams as well as the individuals within the space that are doing all they can to help the game grow. 

Founded in 2020, HOOPER has been moulded to do just that. What started off simply as a basketball blog that showcased everything you could think of basketball wise, has become a platform that focuses on The World Of British Basketball.

With a growing presence on social media, HOOPER will not only be your go to spot for British Basketball news and highlights with a mixture of community-led and original content, but we will also aim to have a real impact on British Basketball in ways that help the culture and talent of the sport here get the recognition it truly deserves.