The game of basketball is one that has been popular in the UK for a hot minute. The NBA has been a major influence, but British Basketball has its own culture and community that continues to grow and flourish, unknown to many within the country.
There's a wealth of talented British-bred players all over the world, from the states to different places in Europe and even further, that haven't been getting the love they deserve. The same applies to the abundance of creators and personalities that have continued to push this game in their own unique ways, purely due to the love they have for it. Not to mention the grassroots community, that has captured the youth's love for the game with summertime events like no other AND our professional game, home to some of the top talent from the UK and way beyond, NBA talent included. 
HOOPER was founded in 2020 to showcase all things mentioned. To help grow the game and bring it more to the forefront. Using social media platforms, we aim continue to bring you some of the latest news and highlights from all things British Basketball, whilst our HOOPER GLOBAL STORE (HGS) will provide you with apparel and merchandise for all your basketball needs on-court and off it. 
So if you're a basketball fan that's been looking for that place that keeps you up-to-date with British Basketball or you're a new face that's been looking to get into it, you've found the right place. WELCOME TO OUR GAME.