Tony Crosby Crowned Quai 54 Dunk Champion

Quai 54 -

Tony Crosby Crowned Quai 54 Dunk Champion

The first day of one of the world's largest and most popular streetball events, Quai 54 had its first day this weekend and it was quite a historic one for the Parisians. 

The event had its usual Men's tournament which saw a host of well traveled overseas pros battle it out to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament. What was new was the women's game which marked the first ever women's division in the history of Quai 54. The other historic moment, a new dunk champ by the name of Tony Crosby. 

Known as @tvynii on IG, Tony Crosby has taken social media by storm with his wide variety of high flying dunks. Windmills, Eastbays, this guy has got it all. 

The most impressive part about it....he's 5 foot 6. 



This dunk contest wasn't filled with no name dunkers either. Well known high flyers such as Jonathon Clark who has gone viral several times for his gravity defying stunts dressed as a school teacher, Connor Barth, Isaiah Rivera and Jordan Sutherland.






The competition was most definitely top tier and amongst them all, the smallest guy came out on top. 

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