The 'Why Not' Project By Jordan Brand & Russell Westbrook

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The 'Why Not' Project By Jordan Brand & Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook will go down in history as one of the best point guards to ever play the game of basketball. Just this season he became the all time leader in NBA history in triple doubles with a record breaking 182 of them and also became the only payer in NBA history to average triple doubles in 1 or more seasons, smashing that record with his new record of four. He epitomises his self-proclaimed slogan, "Why Not", which speaks to his persistance, drive and determination to achieve anything he sets his mind to even where there may be those who have doubted him over his career. It's a mantra that he continues to push each and every single day and now with the help of the Jumpman team, Russ has found a new way to do so. 

The "Why Not" project consists of a short film executively produced by Westbrook which is based in Crenshaw, Los Angeles. It tells the story of two young black men aspiring to achieve their dreams, all whilst having to deal with the pandemic. One is an aspiring basketball star, named Quentin or 'Q' in the short film lives with his grandma and hoops 24/7. He sees nothing else, only his name in lights on an NBA stage but with a full scholarship offer from UCLA on the line and now no place to train due to the pandemic, Q now has to start thinking bigger than basketball. The other, a misunderstood tech wiz who's father only sees his potential to play basketball and fails to see his passion for technology. The film showcases the journey of these two young boys as they try to break the barriers ahead of them and answer the questions of those whose voices are filled with doubt with simply, 'Why Not?' 



The project also consisted of Russell Westbrook taking to the streets of Crenshaw along with Jordan Brand to renovate the Crenshaw Family YMCA and re-imagine it as the 'Why Not' Hub, where they will implement programs to empower and inspire local youth. 



This is just one of many examples of how the game of basketball has provided people with a platform to change the world and how those people, the hoopers themselves have used their platform to make changes within their local communities and elsewhere. The 'Why Not' Short Film is available to view now for a short time only. Click the link here to watch. 

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