The London Lions Team Up With Alvaro Barrington To Create A New Basketball Court

The London Lions teamed up with artists Alvaro Barrington to create a unique, one-of-a-kind basketball court in Bethnal Green. 



The court, located at Weavers Field Community Nursery becomes an important part of a community hub that is crucial to the borough which struggles with high rates of child poverty. As well as that, many hope that the creation of the court will open new doors for the kids of the Bethnal Green community as well as help them to realise their sporting potential.

"Young people in our borough have great sporting potential," said Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets. "We are delighted that this amazing new basketball court provided in partnership with the London Lions and Weavers Adventure Playground, will provide yet more opportunities for the wider community to engage in and grow their talents in the wonderful game of basketball." 



The court itself, designed by Barrington in collaboration with Serpentine UK, draws from multiple references from British artistry with a focus on athleticism and migration in the form of a map. 

"Visually, this map draws from a few references, such as British Pop Artists Bridget Riley, Gee's Bend, quilt artist Annie May Young and Annie Bendolf and video artist Arthur Jafa," explained Barrington. "At both of ends of the court are two circles that reference the sun rising and setting in two distinct lands. Mountains, valleys, oceans and lakes are reduced to simple shapes. On the sidelines are triangles that are stand in for mountains and valleys. Surrounding the court are tyres and chains that for me speak to a mobility and athleticism, connecting back to the idea of migration and how it as a subject, is as relevant today as it has always been.”

The London Lions will continue to offer programs and training sessions with players and coaching staff at the new court as well as creative tournaments and open play.