Payton Pritchard Scores 92 Points In Portland ProAm Game

The Boston Celtics guard turned up to the Portland ProAm and absolutely lit it up, dropping 92 points in a single game. 

This scoring outburst from Pritchard sets a new single game record for most points scored at the Portland ProAm which was previously held by Brooklyn Nets guard Mike James, who had 63 points. 

Over the years we've all seen NBA players showcase their high talent level at different summer showcases, whether that be players that start for their respective teams in the league or even role players and bench players who are still looking to have their big break. These games highlight the difference between those who make it to one of, if not the highest level of basketball in the world against those who may be considered as casual hoopers or even those who do play professionally but who aren't yet at the highest level. 

Even with that being said, 92 points in a single game at any level is absolutely ridiculous.