NCAA Women's Elite 8

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NCAA Women's Elite 8

The Women's Elite 8 competition also begins tonight. As there was with the men, there was a couple of upsets that we're sure went against many people's guesses of who would advance. 

In the Alamo Region, the number 1 seeded Stanford took on Missouri and advanced with ease, defeating the MSU Lady Bears 89-62. On the other side, the Louisville Cardinals came up with the win against Oregon 60-42, giving us a 1 vs 2 matchup in their next match against Stanford. 

In the Hemisfair Region, the South Carolina Gamecocks showed why they're one of the favourites to take home the national title.


The Dawn Staley lead team defeated Georgia Tech 76-65 and advanced to the elite 8, where they will meet what may be considered as the 'Cinderella' team on the women's side in the Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns are seeded 6th, but with players such as Charli Collier who has already announced that she will be entering the NBA draft, they have been able to show a lot of resilience and prove many wrong. They came up with the upset over the number 2 seeded Maryland in 1 of the two Sweet 16 upsets. 

The Mercado region saw the 2nd of two upsets; an NC State loss to Indiana, who with that win secured their spot in their first ever Elite 8.



They will take on the number 3 seeded Arizona, who came out on top in their matchup against the number 2 seeded Texas A & M. 

Finally, in the River Walk Region, an expected matchup between the ever-present Uconn Huskies who rolled past Iowa in a 92-72 victory, and Baylor who faced a little bit of difficulty in dealing with Michigan in their Sweet 16 matchup, but were able to come out on top and secure their spot in the Elite 8. 

The Elite 8 will begin tonight with Uconn taking on Baylor in a highly anticipated and familiar matchup at 7PM EST.