Jackson Hayes Excessively Tased In Leaked Footage Of His Arrest

Jackson Hayes Excessively Tased In Leaked Footage Of His Arrest

According to TMZ, Hayes was arrested in the early hours of July 28th and charged with resisting arrest in Los Angeles. Police said they received a call about a potential domestic violence situation, which led them to the encounter with the New Orleans Hornets star big man at a residence. Hayes continually tried to enter the residence after repeatedly being asked to remain outside. 

This eventually led to an altercation in which Hayes allegedly, according to the statement made by the LAPD, "pushed one of the officers against the wall." During the altercation, Hayes alleged that force was applied to his neck and he had difficulty breathing. 

TMZ obtained a video of the altercation. Please be aware that the content is graphic and viewer discretion is advised: 


Hayes was reportedly arrested and hospitalised with minor injuries as was an officer whose injuries are still unclear following what is being called a 'violent altercation with the police.' A lot of details are still unclear. Information has not been given on whose house Hayes was out and it should also be noted, as done by TMZ, that the footage does not show what happened prior to Hayes being tackled and tased on the floor.

Hayes could be facing a felony charged for battery of a police officer, according to TMZ. The NBA and the New Orleans Pelicans are yet to make any statements regarding the incident. The LAPD have launched an investigation into whether excessive force was used against Hayes. We will keep you updated with any developments.