Indoor Basketball Returns In The UK For U18s

Indoor Basketball Returns In The UK For U18s

The pandemic has halted basketball worldwide for a lot of people, but here in the UK, the effects have been felt a lot more. Competitive basketball at the moment is limited to those who are at the elite level within the country, that is BBL, WBBL and NBL Division 1, with constant COVID tests and precautions being taken to ensure everyone is as safe as possible whilst still being able to compete. However, with the vaccine currently being rolled out and cases dropping, we seem to be heading towards the end of what has been for many a year without competitive basketball. 

Basketball England provided a 'Return To Play' guidance roadmap which has given us a timeline of when we'll be allowed to return to regular play here in the UK, in accordance with the government rules and restrictions on COVID-19. 

As of yesterday, in accordance with the 'Return To Play' roadmap, U18s are officially allowed to return to indoor play, but must be in a bubble of no more than 15 people, meaning that competitive basketball at the moment can still not take place indoors. Spectators are not yet allowed to return and there is to be no carpooling.

Non-elite senior level players are permitted to competitive basketball outdoors only with a maximum of 30 people per court with no spectators. The estimated date for a full return to regular play is June 21st, where all rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 and social distancing are supposed be lifted, granted that there aren't any changes in the threat of COVID-19. 

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