Good Looks! New Drop On The Way.

Good Looks! New Drop On The Way.

Introducing Cameron Look. A creative who's responsible for taking some of the best basketball photos & videos that you've probably seen.

His content is all over Instagram and comprises mainly of a lot of NBA content whether that be of players competing in game or players just working out and making these photos or videos much more than just still images and short highlights. 

He also has a lot of content on some of the most well-known, high profile high school basketball players, including Bronny James and Shareef O'Neal. 


Lebron James & Kobe Shake Hands At The Staples Centre

Bronny James


As you can see, Cameron's content is very eye-catching. It's very different to the somewhat plain, traditional sports photography that we're used to seeing over the years with Cameron's photos clearly having more editing done to them to bring them to life. He also accompanies his video content with similar if not the same effects as his photography, as well as music probably from one of your favourite artists, whilst carefully compiling different short clips together to create highlight videos that are somewhat movie like and that you'll want to watch over and over again. 

As well as the content creation, Cameron every now and again drops a special custom made basketball, the first of which started with the 'MAG Basketball' inspired by the Nike HyperAdapt BB MAG colour-way. 


MAG Basketball by Cameron Look


He then followed it up with the 'Jellyfish Basketball', inspired by the pink Jellyfish in Spongebob Squarepants. 


Jellyfish Basketball By Cameron Look.


Now, sometime this week, Cameron will release his 3rd custom basketball, the '4 Star Basketball' inspired by Dragonball Z. 


4 Star Basketball By Cameron Look

4 Star Basketball By Cameron Look


Creatives like him are inspiring to watch. In my opinion, the work of photographers are very underrated in the sporting world, let alone the basketball world. It is creatives like him who create videos, pictures and more that help to not only tell the story of those who we strive to be like, but also continue to push the lifestyle and culture of basketball forward by showcasing their creativity and putting it into things outside of playing the game itself. I look forward to the drop of the 4 Star Basketball and all the others that are to come. If you want to purchase one, be sure to follow Mr. Good Looks on instagram to stay updated on when they will be released. Be sure to also give his content a like and a share. 


Cameron Look