Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of The NBA 2K22 Release

NBA 2K's latest game will be dropping tomorrow, NBA 2K22 and in anticipation of the drop social media has been buzzing. We've seen a lot of sneak peaks ad teasers in regards to the game, with a lot of new features that have been added as well as the player ratings for this year. 

Ahead of tomorrow's release, we decided to break down the most important areas of the game, the areas that people are looking forward to the most and how the changes will affect your 2K22 experience. 

First, MyCareer & MyPlayer. NBA 2K's MyCareer mode has made a lot of changes since it's earlier days, going from being straight in the NBA and battling for a chip, to starting your career in high school and choosing your own path, whether that be going to the G-League or going to the NBA. The MyCareer mode has become more and more immersive and realistic as the years have gone on and for 2K22, this pattern continues. 

 This year's MyCareer features a similar journey to last year. Your player, MP, is a high school superstar with a huge social media following from heading to parks and embarrassing whoever is brave enough to try and play some defence. The goal ultimately is to get to the league and of course win as many titles as possible, but also to make a huge impact off the court. This is where this year's game is much different to previous years. 

2K have made it a point of emphasis to incorporate 'side hustles' for your MyPlayer, putting a focus on building your personal brand as your look to step into the worlds of music and fashion, a path followed by many of today's NBA players including Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook and more. With an All New City, Side Quests and Season which can also incorporate your MyPlayer, there are many ways you can gain VC and level up even quicker. 

In terms of the actual gameplay, there's a few changes that have been made there too. First of is the dribbling. It looks A LOT smoother and quicker compared to previous years where at times the animations would look very disjointed. Secondly, a brand new dunk meter which involves use of the right stick to ensure that your dunk ends up as a highlight for the right reasons. To add to those features, the hesitation move from NBA 2K17 has returned and the popular 'Curry Slide' is still included in this year's game. 



There are many other new features to look forward to in this year's game. For a full breakdown visit the NBA 2K22 Website for a look at their 'Courtside Reports.'