The NBA MVP Race - The Top 5.

The NBA MVP Race - The Top 5.

The NBA released their latest MVP Ladder rankings on February 12th. At the top of the ladder is Lebron James, who in his 18th season is arguably playing some of the best basketball he has ever played in his long and illustrious NBA career, averaging 25.5PPG, 7.9RPG and 7.9APG, putting him and the Los Angeles Lakers at 2nd place in the Western Conference behind the Utah Jazz. 

Although Lebron is at the top, there are many players not only on this list, but also those who aren't on it that have a very solid case as to why they should be the MVP this year if their level of play continues throughout the season, enter Stephen Curry. 

According to the NBA's KIA MVP Ladder, Steph is sitting in 7th Place, just above Damian Lillard. Steph is on route to having his BEST SEASON EVER, as he currently averages 29.9PPG, 5.9AST and 5.4REB in a season that has included a 62 point game and a 57 point game. 

Donovan Mitchell is also another player to mention. He isn't currently on the ladder, even though his Utah Jazz are currently first place in the West as previously mentioned, whilst he is averaging 24.2PPG, 5.1AST and 4.3REB. Kyrie Irving has also been playing amazing, as too have Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum at the Boston Celtics, there's a lot of names that can be thrown into the MVP conversation. 

There is still a lot of basketball left to play; we aren't even halfway through the season yet. A lot of things can change. Regardless of who wins it one thing is for sure...we're going to witness a lot of great basketball in the NBA this year and to be honest, we may even get a few surprises. 

Here's the Top 5 players in the NBA's KIA MVP Ladder. 

1. Lebron James (25.5PPG | 7.9APG | 7.9RPG)

Lebron James

2. Joel Embiid (29.1PPG | 11.0RPG | 1.3BPG)

Joel Embiid

3. Nikola Jokic (26.9PPG | 11.3RPG | 8.6APG)

Nikola Jokic

4. Kevin Durant (29.5PPG | 7.4RPG | 5.2APG)

Kevin Durant

5. Kawhi Leonard (26.5PPG | 5.9RPG | 5.1APG)

Kawhi Leonard

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