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This year's NBA March trade deadline was not short of excitement, with some notable names making big moves. 

It all started with the announcement the Orlando Magic star, Nikola Vucevic would be making the move from Orlando to Chicago where he will join Zach Lavine as the Bulls look to strengthen their squad.


Orlando also lost their other two stars in Evan Fournier who made the move to Boston and Mr. 50 himself, Aaron Gordon who joins Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray in the Mile High City of Denver, constructing a pretty scary big 3. It was no surprise that AG made the move out of Orlando. He had already announced pre-deadline day that he wanted out of the team that he had spent 6 seasons with progressing no further than the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Now, with The Joker, JM7, Mr. 50 AND Javale McGee, who was also moved out of Cleveland to Denver during the trade deadline, all in one squad, Gordon may actually get a chance to have a much deeper playoff run for the first time in his career. 



We also saw moves between the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Clippers in a straight swap with the Clippers getting 2-Time NBA Champion Rajon Rondo in exchange for 3-Time Sixth Man Of The Year and the All-Time Leader In Points Scored Off The Bench, Lou Williams. Lou, Trae Young and John Collins will definitely be fun to watch in a Hawks team that currently sits in Playoff contention at 6th place. However, Rondo combining with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, both of whom have been in the MVP discussion this year, might just be a combination that sees the Clippers get that extra push they need. 

Arguably, the biggest trade of the deadline day, saw Victor Oladipo get traded to the Miami Heat in exchange for Kelly Olynyk, Avery Bradley and 2022 first-round swap rights. How Miami managed to keep Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson and STILL get the 2013 2nd Overall Pick who has been a 2-Time NBA All-Star, the 2018 NBA steals leader and a part of the 2014 NBA All-Rookie Team, we don't know. Bottom line is, they got him and now have Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Buckets, Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson and Victor Oladipo on the SAME TEAM. Scary hours. 



The Boston Celtics also made some moves, sending Daniel Theis out to Chicago as they received Mo Wagner. The Spurs have also completed a buyout with Lamarcus Aldrige, with Miami becoming the front runners to sign the big man. 

All in all, the trades were pretty interesting, especially for the Eastern Conference and as the season rolls on, we'll see how impactful these trades will end up being.

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