NBA Plans To Implement New Rules Next Season

NBA Plans To Implement New Rules Next Season

The NBA plans to implement a variety of new rules that will limit the amount of fouls called as a result of non-basketball moves. Per Sharns Charania of The Athletic and Stadium, these changes can not be confirmed until they have gone through the Competition Committee and the Board Of Governors approval. 

As the years have gone by in the league, the ability and skill level of the players continues to rise and with that has come some innovation within the game that has given offensive players benefit of the doubt even when the move itself isn't really a 'basketball move.' An example of this is players leaning into a defender to draw a shooting foul. This foul call has become quite common in the league and a lot of the time, has bailed out the offensive player and offered them the opportunity to make up for what would've been lost points at the free throw line or retain possession. As games become more and more serious, the weight of these kind of calls continues to increase as too does the pressure on the officials to get the calls right. 

Charania also pointed out via Twitter which calls NBA referees will undergo training for prior to next season: 



Under the new rules, should everything be approved, the non-basketball movements listed above will be called as offensive fouls rather than fouls on the defence. 


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