Immanuel Quickley Is Making Noise

The New York Knicks' rookie Immanuel Quickley has been making noise as a result of his high-level performances so far this season. The 21-year old was drafted in the first round at pick number 25 for OKC and was then traded to the Knicks, a trade that at the moment looks like the Knicks are very happy that they got. 

Quickley spent his college career at Kentucky where he spent 2 years there playing for the legendary coach, John Callipari. In his freshman year, Quickley averaged just 5.2 PPG, 1.8 REBS and 1.2 ASTS. His Sophomore year was where his improvement came in. He improved his scoring and his rebounding, boosting his averages to 16.1 PPG, 4.2 REBS and 1.9 ASTS. He would declare for the draft after that year. 

Quickley's draft class had a different feel from the start. We all knew Anthony Edwards and Lamelo were going to be good and maybe the incredibly high-expectations set by them had us all overlooking the rest of the draft. James Wiseman is playing out of his mind, as he should as a top 5 pick, but even with that, he had only played 3 college games due to COVID-19 and was then thrown into the starting lineup for the Golden State Warriors and really doesn't look fazed or out of place at all. We've seen incredible performances from the likes of Tyrese Maxey (21st Pick), Payton Pritchard (26th Pick), Cole Anthony (15th Pick), Tyrese Haliburton (12th Pick) and now also Immanuel Quickley. 

Quickley's debut was cut short on December 23rd due to injury, which is why his burst onto the scene has kind of caught everybody off-guard a little. All of a sudden it was like this shifty, quick, fearless guard with a ridiculous floater package just started playing out of his mind and giving the Knicks fans a lot of hope for the future. The rookie is currently averaging 12.4PTS, 2.5ASTS and 2.2REBS, with his biggest games including a 31-point game in a loss against Portland, a 23-point game against Cleveland and as of recently, a 25-point game against the Clippers. 

Don't lose track of Quickley this year. If he keeps this up, the ROY Award could be coming his way. 

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