The Cosmic Unity - Nike's First Ever Sustainable Basketball Shoe

Nike continues to push the innovative boundaries of shoe technology and performance all whilst helping to make the world a better place with the new 'Cosmic Unity'. 

The Cosmic Unity is Nike's first performance shoe under their 'Move To Zero; initiative, an initiative which focuses on using zero carbon and having zero waste in production. It uses partially recycled materials to create the swoosh logo as well as the laces, sock liner and the full-length Zoom Air-Strobel with the upper being made from recycled cable yarn. 

Ross Klein, the Senior Creative Director for Performance Footwear at Nike said "We wanted to create a synergy between making the world better by what we do, but also leave an impact for athletes so they can perform at a higher level."

Upon first looks, the shoe looks pretty sleek and looks slightly similar to the Kobe ADs with a somewhat streamlined shape from a side-view, especially the 'Space Hippie' colour way. It has been worn by WNBA Star A'ja Wilson and has also been seen worn by Anthony Davis.

A'ja Wilson Wearing The Cosmic Unitys

Anthony Davis Lacing Up The Cosmic Unitys

A'ja was impressed by the shoe and its versatility. She said, "I was very surprised at how light it was and I think that's great for any player at any position. I realised that the Comic Unity could adapt to all of my steps, my movements and that's key. A shoe has to be able to give but not too much, but just enough where you feel quicker and faster." 

A'ja Wilson In The Cosmic Unitys

The Cosmic Unity has three colour ways that will be released between February 26th and March 12th and is rumoured to be at a pretty affordable £109.69 ($150). See below for the release dates. 

Cosmic Unity - Green Glow

"Green Glow" - February 26th

Amalgam Cosmic Unity

"Amalgam" - March 7th

Space Hippy - Cosmic Unity

"Space Hippie" - March 12th

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