Jalen Green Inks A Shoe Deal With Adidas

Jalen Green Inks A Shoe Deal With Adidas

Jalen Green has been one to watch since high school. His ability to get to the rim with ease combined with his explosiveness has set a lot of NBA teams on him in preparation for the next draft, so much so that he's projected to go top 5. He didn't take the traditional route of going to a big college after being highly recruited out of high school, which many athletes over the years have done. Although there has always been some attractiveness that comes with playing at one of those big schools; the opportunity to play in March Madness, sell out crowds and national television, for years the problem with playing in college is that many players were getting financially exploited. Their talent is what has always driven people to come and watch, to spend their money on tickets and jerseys which players were never able to earn back themselves. Jalen Green decided to avoid that route and instead went to the G-League where he played for Team Ignite and had the opportunity to not only earn his own money, but also an opportunity to get signed which he has done now with Adidas. 

When it comes to basketball, Adidas has a history of signing players who are explosive and creative on the floor. Damian Lillard, James Harden, Donovan Mitchell and Derrick Rose are some of the obvious names that come to mind. They also like to add those who are expressive off the court in the own way. JG matches that criteria and of course, it goes without saying that he has showcased his talent on a stage full of professionals and even some former and current NBA players. 

Green averaged 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.8 assists in Team Ignites first year as a G-league team, in a season for him which included eight games in which he had 20 or more points and a career-high 30 points. With performances like that at just 19 years of age, it's no surprise why Adidas have decided to pick him up as early as they have. 

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