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Russell Westbrook will go down in history as one of the best point guards to ever play the game of basketball. Just this season he became the all time leader in NBA history in triple doubles with a record breaking 182 of them and also became the only payer in NBA history to average triple doubles in 1 or more seasons, smashing that record with his new record of four. He epitomises his self-proclaimed slogan, "Why Not", which speaks to his persistance, drive and determination to achieve anything he sets his mind to even where there may be those who have...

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The creators of Space Jam 2 have finally announced the release date for the long awaited sequel of the legendary Space Jam movie featuring LeBron James.  The film is set to be released in theaters worldwide and on HBO Max on July 16th. The first Space Jam was released in 1996, making this sequel not only just the end of a 25 year wait for Space Jam fans, but also an anniversary.  The film is based on LeBron James and his son Dom (played by Cedric James) getting trapped inside a rogue artificial intelligence. James then teams up with members...

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The FIBA World Rankings is a rankings table consisting of all countries competing in the FIBA tournaments. The ranking system has two stages, the first of which requires the rating points to be calculated followed by calculating the team's final rank.  There are a lot of different variables that go into those two stages such as points difference, the weight of each game played, strength of the opposition, home and away games....there's a lot to go through and we don't envy that process at all. These fine details come into play when it gets relatively close between any teams in amongst the table. To...

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