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The Men's FIBA 2021 rankings were released earlier on today following on from the women's ranking release yesterday.  The USA remain on top of the table, followed by Spain, Australia, Argentina and Serbia. All excluding Argentina went unbeaten in the February window of FIBA competition.  Greece leapfrog France and move into 7th place after France narrowly defeated Montenegro who currently sit in 26th, but fell to Team GB who have moved up one position into 41st place after a remarkable Eurobasket qualifiers run which involved defeating Germany as well as cruising past France and qualifying for the Eurobasket in 2022. ...

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The FIBA World Rankings is a rankings table consisting of all countries competing in the FIBA tournaments. The ranking system has two stages, the first of which requires the rating points to be calculated followed by calculating the team's final rank.  There are a lot of different variables that go into those two stages such as points difference, the weight of each game played, strength of the opposition, home and away games....there's a lot to go through and we don't envy that process at all. These fine details come into play when it gets relatively close between any teams in amongst the table. To...

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