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Dirk Nowitzki. NBA Champion. MVP. Originator and creator of the patented one-legged fade-away and a Dallas Maverick through and through. The German basketball legend can now add 'FIBA Eurobasket Ambassador' to his resume as he has now been selected as one for the 2022 FIBA Eurobasket Tournament.  Throughout his playing career, Dirk represented his home country Germany many times and has a lot of fond memories and moments playing in tournaments such as the Eurobasket. "The FIBA Eurobasket are some of the absolute highlights of my career. There were many unforgettable experiences for me that immediately come to mind."  The...

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The FIBA World Rankings is a rankings table consisting of all countries competing in the FIBA tournaments. The ranking system has two stages, the first of which requires the rating points to be calculated followed by calculating the team's final rank.  There are a lot of different variables that go into those two stages such as points difference, the weight of each game played, strength of the opposition, home and away games....there's a lot to go through and we don't envy that process at all. These fine details come into play when it gets relatively close between any teams in amongst the table. To...

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