Luka Doncic Drops 48 In His Olympic Debut

Luka Doncic Drops 48 In His Olympic Debut

It seems that no matter what the stage is, no matter who is opponent is, Luka Doncic continues to shine. What more should we come to expect from a young man who has been a professional player since he was 13 years old. 

Luka's scoring outburst has only been topped by Brazilian Hall Of Famer Oscar Schmidt, who scored 55 points back in the 1988 Olympic Games. This performance against Argentina led Slovenia to their first win in the group stages in what is also their debut in the Olympics in basketball, 118-100. 





In an interview, the words of Argentina's head coach Sergio Hernandez reaffirm at statement that he said about the boy from Slovenia two years ago. "I said it two years ago, I say it now, Luka is the best player in the world. And if there was any doubt in my mind, there's no doubt now. He is the best player in the world." 



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