The Hoopsfix Pro-Am Summer League Is Here

The Hoopsfix Pro-Am Summer League Is Here

You'd be hard pressed to have a discussion with anyone about British Basketball without the mention of Hoopsfix. Founded and run by Sam Neter, over the years the platform has become essential to the growth of the sport in the UK, being involved in numerous events and also having their own whilst creating a wide variety of social media content to showcase the sport in this country to the masses. Now, for the first time, Hoopsfix will be running a Pro-Am Summer League at the City Of London Academy (Southwark) which will host a variety of GB Internationals and Pro Hoopers. 

The Summer League will be run over 5-weeks and will consist of both men and women. Attendance by spectators is free upon registration, which you can do for all five-weeks here

Rosters and schedules have been announced ahead of the tip-off this Sunday at 12PM, starting off with the women who will play till 1PM each week. The men will then play from 2PM to 6PM. The women's teams are as follows: Team Diamond, Team Ruby, Team Emerald and Team Sapphire. They will have the likes of Shequila Joseph (London Lions), Janice Monakana, Melita Emmanuel-Carr, Renee Busch and more. 

The men's teams are as follows: Glacier Boys, City Of London Academy, Hoop Space, Thames Valley Cavaliers, Worthing Thunder, Run & Jump, Elite Bulldogs and London United. The likes of Carl Wheatle, Dwayne Lautier-Oguneleye, Josh Steel, Jordan Williams and more will be in attendance. 



A reminder that attendance for spectators is free BUT you MUST register. Click HERE to register for your tickets. 

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