The NBL Creates New Partnership For Referee Development

The NBL Creates New Partnership For Referee Development

The NBL, which is the men's professional basketball league in Oceania which currently holds 8 Australian teams and 1 New Zealand team, has launched a new partnership that will allow officials to be able work as referees full-time in basketball. The new collaboration is with Basketball New South Wales, Basketball Victoria & Basketball South Australia and will be used to advance the development of referees across the league which will help to improve the overall quality of the game.

The league currently has a representative from all three state associations that are a part of this new programme: 

Jacqui Dover (New South Wales), Ruben Woolcock (Victoria) and James Griguol (South Australia). 

These three referees are the first to be included in the programme with all three becoming full-time referees in their state associations. 

The NBL has been criticised for the quality of officiating for a while now, but the aim of this programme is to help fix that problem. 

“We are committed to investing in the development of our referees and build their capability across the league,” said NBL Commissioner Jeremy Loeliger.  “We currently have two full-time referees in Michael Aylen, and Vaughan Mayberry and we believe having Jacqui, James and Ruben also working full-time in basketball will only enhance their development. We will continue to invest in more of these opportunities so we can open new pathways for young referees to work in basketball full-time and take the professionalism of our referees to the next level."



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