Sheck Wes Signs Pro In France

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Sheck Wes Signs Pro In France

Announced by LNB Pro B team Paris Basketball, Sheck Wes will be joining them as a player. Yes, a player.

The Paris Basketball team announced the signing of the rapper from NYC earlier on today, with more information to come in the following days. Around November last year, Sheck Wes actually posted on his instagram that he was going overseas to play for the French team but with the announcement from the team themselves, it now makes it official. 



Mudboy has always shown a pretty deep interest in the game of basketball, more so than a lot of other rappers that we see today. He even entered the NBA draft this past year but went undrafted. Even so, he's continued to keep on working and now has an opportunity to start his professional basketball career in France which by the way, is no pushover country to play in. 

France currently rank in the top 10 countries in the world amongst both men and women and have birthed players such as Tony Parker who won multiple championships with the San Antonio Spurs, Rudy Gobert who arguably has been the best defensive player in the league for a few years now, Nicolas Batum, Evan Fournier, the list goes on. French players are no scrubs. 

Sheck Wes isn't the only rapper to become a professional basketball player. Master P also made the switch when he ended up going to the NBA in the late 1990s playing for the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors for short periods of time. 

Maybe this move by Sheck Wes could encourage some other rappers to make the switch. There are a lot of rappers who can play basketball, take J.Cole for example. He's been seen playing a lot of basketball recently and has even played against NBA pros at well-known NBA Trainer Chris Brickley's Blacktop Summer Scrimmage, so who knows who could be next.

We wish Sheck Wes good luck in his professional career. We'll most definitely be keeping an eye on him. 

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