Milos Teodosic With One Of The Year's Best Plays.

Milos Teodosic With One Of The Year's Best Plays.

Some of you may have seen a couple videos of this guy, Milos Teodosic, go viral over the past couple of days. For those who don't know who he is, Milos is a Point Guard who currently plays for the Italian team Virtus Bologna.

He is well travelled, having spent 10 years playing in the Euroleague which is arguably the second best basketball league in the world behind the NBA, for Olympiacos and CSKA Moscow, two of the EuroLeague's best teams ever. 

He also had a short stint in the NBA with the Los Angeles Clippers, a move which for those who had seen him play, was an exciting one and one that we're sure many looked forward to. The 33-year old is an incredibly gifted passer. His ability to make passes that to a lot of people don't even make sense is something that you rarely see. 



He recently went viral for passing the ball off his HEAD. Yes, his HEAD. See it for yourself if you think we're lying. 



His most recent antic however, wasn't even a pass but it was something that is very Milos. Watch and enjoy.



Honestly, it's hard to name an active player in the world who can pass as good as him, which highlights a key aspect of the scope of basketball and how narrow it can be at times. It's very easy to focus solely on the NBA and assume that the best of the best are all there. The best scorers. The best dunkers. The best passers. To an extent, that assumption is correct. Every now and again however, you come across hoopers like Milos, who when you watch them play, they make more than a soft case that they themselves might just be better in at least one aspect of the game than anything or anyone you've ever seen. 


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