France's 35th Annual All Star Night

France's top flight, the LNB, is full of high quality players and has been for a long while with a mixture of those who've dabbled in the NBA and those who compete in either the Euroleague or the Basketball Champions League. Every year since 1987, they've brought together the best players out of their first division for one night, the All Star Night. 



The night consisted of a format similar to that of the NBA All Star Weekend. It had a skills contest which saw Justin Bibbins be victorious in the final matchup against Loren Christie. 




As well as that was the 3PT contest in its original form, almost. 5 racks, 5 spots and one money ball per rack BUT after you go through all those racks, there's one half court shot waiting for you right at the end. This was eventually won by Scott Bamforth who ended up with a final score of 24. 



Other than the All Star Game itself, the final event was of course the TLC Dunk Contest. Yoan Makoundo, David Efianayi, Allan Dokossi and Dylan Affo Mama showcased their bunnies with an array of high flying dunks. In the end, Dylan Affo Mama took the win topping off the competition dunking over a motorcycle with the mask of the world's most popular superhero right now. 





Finally, the main event, the All Star Game. The format was a France Vs. The World matchup, consisting of their homegrown French talent against players from other countries across the globe. LDLC star point guard Elie Okobo showed out for the French all stars but it was Team World and All Star MVP, Brandon Taylor, that managed to come out with the win, 111-110. Check out full highlights of the All Star game below. Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms and leave a comment below. 



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