FIBA Women's World Rankings 2021

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FIBA Women's World Rankings 2021

The FIBA World Rankings is a rankings table consisting of all countries competing in the FIBA tournaments. The ranking system has two stages, the first of which requires the rating points to be calculated followed by calculating the team's final rank. 

There are a lot of different variables that go into those two stages such as points difference, the weight of each game played, strength of the opposition, home and away games....there's a lot to go through and we don't envy that process at all. These fine details come into play when it gets relatively close between any teams in amongst the table.

To keep it real simple though, the teams that win the most will find their way to the top of the table and the teams that lose the most, will find themselves at the bottom. 

The first set of rankings to be released this year were the women's rankings. They were released earlier today, with FIBA posting the top 20 teams so far. 

FIBA Women's World Rankings 2021

FIBA Women's World Rankings 2021

Unsurprisingly to many we're sure, Team USA are at the top followed by Australia, Spain, Canada and France making this years top 5 best basketball countries in the world so far amongst the women. Team Nigeria drop down 3 spots to 17 whilst Italy and the Czech Republic climb up 2 spots and 1 spot respectively. 

Team GB are also in the mix, sitting just below Nigeria in 18th place holding their position after a defeat in the Eurobasket qualification game against Belarus. 

The men's ranking have yet to be released by FIBA and hopefully will be soon. We expect to see a jump from Team GB who ranked 42nd after wins against France (currently 6th) and Germany (currently 17th) secured their spot in the Eurobasket Tournament in 2022. 

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