FIBA Men's Tournaments In Full Flow

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FIBA Men's Tournaments In Full Flow

FIBA (The Federal International Basketball Association) currently has its array of qualifying tournaments underway. Founded in Switzerland in 1932, FIBA is the governing body of basketball globally, excluding of course the USA. It is responsible for holding the holy grail of worldwide basketball the FIBA World Cup which is held every four years. The last world cup was won by Spain in 2019 and the next one will be in 2023, with the qualifiers taking place this month in the form of four zone-specific tournaments: 

FIBA Afrobasket, consisting of countries within the continent of Africa. 

FIBA Americup, consisting of countries within the continents of North America, South America, the Caribbean and Central America. 

FIBA Asia Cup, consisting of countries within the continent of Asia and the Oceanic continent. 

FIBA Eurobasket, consisting of the countries within the continent of Europe.

Of course as with any tournament, there are favourites. Over the years in Men's international basketball, teams such as France, Spain, Australia, Argentina and Serbia are at the top of the food chain aka the FIBA Men's Rankings. However, right at the top above all of those teams and the rest of the teams in the world, the United States of America. 

The USA without a doubt are a team that always come to mind when talking about basketball. They could never be forgotten about. Being the biggest basketball nation in the world and being host to the best basketball league in the world in the NBA, the US is home to the greatest players that we've ever seen play the game of basketball. However, as of recent years with players focused on the NBA, the US team hasn't always been comprised of their best players when it comes to these FIBA tournaments. The Americup team for this years tournament is comprised of notable names such as Isaiah Thomas, former Boston Celtic and NBA All-Star, and also Joe Johnson who has had an illustrious NBA career being known as one of the best isolation players in the game. The rest of the team is comprised of a lot of college (university) players and international players, such as James Nunnally who plays at Fenerbache in Turkey and Josh Boone who plays for the Illawara Hawks in Australia. This isn't to say that this American team still won't be able to compete and qualify, we know that their playing ability will still be quite high, but it definitely won't be at the level it would be if America pulled out their top talent as of right now.  

The FIBA Americup got underway last night with a thriller between Canada and the US Virgin Islands, with Canada taking the win 95-93 with a last second shot to win at the buzzer. 

The Afrobasket tournament also got underway, with Nigeria (who are also one of the favourites to qualify) getting the close win over South Sudan and Rwanda losing out to Mali. 

The FIBA Asia Cup and the FIBA Eurobasket get started today. For more information, visit FIBA's website. For more specific information, in regards to your countries progress in their respective tournament, visit the respective tournament's website. 

For where to watch these games, check out the FIBA Instagram page and click the link in their bio. 

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